Thursday, June 20, 2013

Boogers goes to Hong Kong!

I know, I've disappeared and I apologize so much!
In the last months I've been taking a Master in Art Direction for Advertising in Milan.
It is a very interesting and inspirational world, so it has been taking most of my time so far.
I've put the illustrations on hold which is quite a mistake, I am coming back soon, promise!

On the good news side, my classically animated short "Boogers" was screeened in Hong Kong, along with a bunch of very talented artists from my origin's area.
It was a pleasure and honor and I want to thanks the "Fogolar Furlan Hong Kong" for the great opportunity given.
Here a sample of the flyers given at the event:

In case you haven't seen the short, you can find it here:

Thanks all!

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