Monday, March 5, 2012

3D movies

Time flies.
I apparently don't, even if I never really tried.
Which makes me a liar.
I've been enrolled at Vancouver Film School, attending the 3D Animation&VFX program, right after taking the Classical Animation diploma.
Watching your movie on the big screen is undescribable: you feel like you are going to swallow your own tongue any moment but, when the magic happens and the audience reacts to your mind's child, in the best way possible (which for me, is laughing and other horrible disgusted sounds and gurgles) it's a feeling that really repays all the effort and spent energies.
So I went into the 3D World.
It's a completely different thing.
You juggle between many buttons and terms you never heard before and soon enough, you start to consider how real life has never enough ambient occlusion and see vertexes and edge loops on people's face, and think their mesh is pretty sexy and you would like to shake that cog on the dance floor together.
Right now I'm involved at full force into the final project (yes, again), still into a preproduction phase.
I don't wanna spoil anything but, if I manage my time well, it could be something enjoyable (at least).
I might post some rough sketches soon and even share the very first 2D animatic, which pretty much kept just the main character.
Stay tuned!

(How awesome is The Regular Show? OOOOOOOOOO)

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