Tuesday, August 2, 2011


School has been busy.
Right know I'm coping between creating a portfolio. a demo reel and creating a short in flash.
Didn't really know the program, unfortunately and, even if it doesn't seem that difficult, it's still a challenge.
I'm trying to do something with a little bit of a message, hopefully it will be understood!
A snaek peek to the flash:

I also uploaded my life drawing portfolio: feel free to take a look.
Thanks for reading and remember to animate like the Dickens!


  1. Hey, nice blog !
    I saw that i got a new member so i got curious and found you were an animation student too/ C:
    Funny thing, cause i was hoping to apply for an animation school in Canada one day...

    Anyways, love your style, and the colors you use.

  2. Hello there!
    Thank you for stopping by :)
    Yes I'm into animation aswell, which school were you planning to apply for: Sheridan?
    Thanks for your nice comment, have a great day trampie!

  3. Indeed i thought of sheridan, though i still have to finish my two years here in france... C;